Three’s iPhone 4 pricing

Three have published their iPhone pricing and it’s certainly competitive, the only problem is they don’t tell us when the devices are going to be in stock.

The web site says “coming soon” and rather confusingly has some 3GS versions available now on £25/£30 and £35 a month tariffs but it’s only available on the other £35 and £40 tariffs after July 1 – we think the July 1 prices are for 12 month contracts but it’s hard to tell from the site at present, the comparison prices they show are all for 24 months, so god knows.

The data usage is limited to 1Gb per month, everyone seems to have opted for a sensible 1Gb apart from O2 who are probably bitterly hacked off  that they jumped in so early, despite their claims that average users use less than 500Mb per month details from the US point to average usage being 500-700Mb.

From what we can see Three’s cheapest tariff is £30 per month over two years with 500 minutes and 5000 texts it’s £99 for a 16Gb iPhone 4 and £189 for a 32Gb model.

To get a free iPhone you have to commit too two years at £45 a month for which you get 2000 minutes but you’ll still have to shell out £89 to get a 32Gb model.

If you want a 3GS you can get one now for £129 with 500 minutes and 5000 texts