Android App Market downloads pass 1 billion

According to the best estimates of web site Androlib the Android market has passed the 1 billion download mark and it’s growing exponentially, and Google announce 160,000 Android activations a day in their 2nd Quarter results.

New Android apps registered according to AndroLib

Less than two years after Google opened its Android Market application users have already passed the 1 billion downloads mark according to estimates from Android portal and fan site

AndroLib reports that Android Market now has around 92,000 live applications, and should hit the 100,000 benchmark by the end of July. Android developers have already submitted over 10,720 new Market applications so far this month, compared to 15,288 new Android apps in all of June.

While the AndroLib figures are a good indication of the market they shouldn’t however be treated as fact. Google said today (July 15) when it announced it’s second quarter results that its Android operating system continues to gain momentum, and that there are 160,000 Android devices being activated per day. Google also said the Android Market now has about 70,000 apps in it – up from 30,000 in April –  some 22,000 less than the 92,000 AndroLib reports.  Google also said that Android search grew 300% in the first half of 2010, with mobile traffic growing 500% in the last 2 years, and “Android is an accelerator of that”. While Google saw some monetary benefits from its Nexus One in Q2 it won’t be seeing any in Q3 as it’s no longer selling the phone.

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