More iPhones hit Tesco…oops

The secret of good comedy is Tes.. timing

With incredibly bad timing Tesco has emailed all the users who expressed a preference for an iPhone 4 on their Tesco Mobile website an email saying that they’re receiving new stock.

The email sent out this afternoon says;

“Great news, from today Thursday 15th July, iPhone 4 is back in stock in Tesco Phone Shops, available on our great Pay monthly tariffs.

Unfortunately, we only have a limited stock and will serve customers on a strict first come first served basis. Please note: you are unable to reserve a handset.”

Did absolutely no one in Tesco’s Marketing department think that it would be sensible to delay the email a day or so, or at least until the Apple press conference was out of the way?

If you really want a new iPhone 4 then we suggest you use Tesco’s mobile store finder to find a store Don’t forget to select Phone Shop as the iPhones are only available at select stores, Tesco Express doesn’t do them, so don’t try asking for one with your pint of milk. Although if these don’t sell because of Apple’s gaff,  then perhaps you will be able to pick them up at Tesco Express by the end of the week.

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  1. The tesco store locator is rubbish, It says my local store is a phone shop but they dont have it and they wont have it! :(

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