ABI Research says it’s time for marketers to wake up to mobile

Activities done using mobile Dec 2008 Feb 2010 - Source ABI Research

Marketers should wake up to the potential of mobile say ABI Research

The mobile web is here to stay but unfortunately marketers aren’t catching on to the true potential. According to ABI research the mobile web opportunity is there and while it’s not a “tsunami” of opportunity it is “the first waves of what could become a marketing perfect storm,” and according to ABI Research practice director for mobile marketing strategies Neil Strother, it’s time for marketing professionals to take note.

“The trend starts with smartphones, which have reached critical mass among US mobile subscribers,” he says. “These powerful devices, coupled with affordable data plans, enable people to search, browse, and watch video in ways and in volumes that have become more and
more attractive to marketers.”

A February, 2010 ABI Research consumer survey revealed that only about 15% of the mobile phone subscribers who accessed the Internet at least occasionally had never used their phone’s search engine, used a mobile yellow pages, or clicked on a mobile web advertisement.

ABI Research think the multiplicty of different ways that marketing messages can reach mobile users eg text messaging, search advertising, ads within applications, and video (streaming and on-demand). means that marketers can tailor the delivery medium to each particular kind of branding message or call-to-action.

“Consumers appear consistently receptive to location-based promotions,” adds Strother, “as long as they are not used in an invasive or abusive manner.”

ABI Research has released a new White Paper, “Mobile Marketing Strategies – Positive Trend,” on the growing mobile marketing opportunity. It’s free and can be downloaded here although you will have to register.