Three get aggressive on data PAYG pricing

Three announced some quite aggressive Pay As You Go (PAYG) pricing to add to its All In One product, you can now get 500Mb for £5 per month which must be one the cheapest rates around.

Three announced that from yesterday it would be updating it’s PAYG pricing and instead of the normal texts and voice dull bundle you would normally get Three have added lots of Internet goodies to the mix. Three describes it’s new offering as “a new market beating plan that unites the value of contract with the flexibility of PAYG and makes mobile internet quicker, easier and more accessible for everyone.” boasting “No other network is giving PAYG customers more for £10 – 3,000 texts, 100 minutes and 500MB.”

Value Flexibility
Add-on name All in One 10 All in one 15 All in One 25 3000 texts 300 Three-to-Three 500MB Internet Daily
Price £10 £15 £25 £5 £5 £5 50p
Text Messages 3000 3000 3000 3000
Minutes 100 300 500 300 Three-to-Three
Internet 500(MB) 500(MB) 1GB 500MB 120MB

William Ripley, Director of Voice at Three said “All in One gives our PAYG customers marketing beating value for £10. Easy access mobile internet is at the core of this PAYG offering.  Every top up on PAYG automatically gives customers 150MB worth of internet usage.  That’s enough to browse 10,000 pages, 15,000 Facebook pages, search Google Maps 300 times or watch 2.5 hours of YouTube (around 250 clips).”

Additionally Three have also said that customers can make the most of their money, by converting any credit on their phone to whichever Add-on best suits their needs.

Presumably if all of the above deals are available on mini-SIMs as well as normal SIMS, this would make it the best value deal for iPad and iPhone 4 users on the market.

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