A phone made for three sims?

Worldwide executive travellers like our good selves are always on the hunt for new and exciting technology that makes our life simple, and a dual-SIM phone is one of those must-have devices. But we’re now faced with a dilemma, is two enough? Should we be looking for a three SIM phone instead?

Luckily, the clever people at Spreadtrum Communications in Shanghai have come up with the world’s first triple SIM in single chip solution, the SC6600L7, which allows three GSM SIM cards to run simultaneously in a single mobile handset. So you can have a French, English and German three SIM, or even a US, English and Chinese three SIM, the choices are endless.

According to Spreadtrum the triple SIM solution is perfect for “multiple-operator-market where operators attract end users with various promotional offers and discounts”. It’s also ideal if you’re like us you’d quite like a solution that has a SIM for home, a SIM for work and a SIM for data.

The SC6600L7 allows three GSM SIM cards simultaneously running on stand by with only one set of baseband and RF; it integrates three SIM engine processors and three controllers, triple SIM protocol stack DSP, and includes a graphical user interface to handle the diffrent SIM.

Spreadtrum has finished the field trial for the SC6600L7 in a number of emerging countries to ensure chip reliability, SIM compatibility, and network protocol stack stability and is about to launch it. All we need now is a body for thee SIMS.

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This post brought to you by our SIM correspondent Sid James.

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