Apple commences phase 2 of the World Domination plan

The iPhone 4 in six easy instalments

Look at the graphic to your right. Blink once, blink twice. Yes it really is still there. Apple “are” selling the iPhone in easy instalments, and it’s not going to make the mobile operators happy, it’s just going to make Apple richer, and it’s going to make the iPhone – the iPad can’t be too far behind – even more of a dominant player.

If there was any doubt in the minds of the executives at Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile etc about who runs this industry then it is no more.

This sounds to us like a broadside from Apple to the operators to stick with what they know, and stop the pipe-dreams. The recent rumours of a cabal of European operators wanting to take on iPhone and Android and to create their own operating system and inevitably their own app store is not a great idea. As Ewan in Mobile Industry News so delicately explained, the idea of the mobile operators creating a new operating system considering their appalling track record is just ludicrous.

The Apple deal seems to be encouraging users to buy direct from Apple, ignore the operators confusing deals and u-turns on data tariffs, and instead use the fat dumb pipes for what they do best.

The deal is simplicity itself as you would expect from Apple. Choose your phone, and any extras, ring up the Freephone number 0800 048 0408 and then pay in six monthly instalments with 0% interest.
Apple can’t lose, not only do they make all the money on the phones, they also stand to make much more money. The important word in the sentence above is “extras” with sales through operators they lose all of those opportunities to cross-sell up-sell etc so all of those lost opportunities to sell insurance – that you probably don’t need – and high-mark up products like bumpers, headsets, headphones, and speakers are all brought back into the fold.
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