iPhone gets some glasses

Google’s iPhone and iPad mobile search app now comes with Google Glasses added.  The image search technology will allow iPhone users to point their phone at an object and Google will do the search.

The new feature – present in the Android app – uses the new technology to search for images taken from the iPhone’s camera. With glasses you can point the camera at practically anything and then Google’s search will grab you a reply. The current categories of items searchable include;

Text – Point it at a phrase and it’ll scan the text using optical character recognition, convert it to digital,  and do a search,
Landmarks – You are looking at the Houses of Parliament
Books- You are reading On the road
Contact Info – The phone number for that restaurant is
Artwork – That’s a Picasso
Wine – mmm it’s a red
Logos – Yes that’s a chemist

Version – snappy version number there – also includes,  faster suggestions for results and fixed voice search on iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Download the app from itunes here

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