Intel to release tool to port iPhone apps to other platforms?

According to a report on MacWorld Intel is developing a tool that will make it easier for developers to port iPhone applications to Intel-based smartphones, tablets and other devices

The tool will identify changes that need to be made in an iPhone application, making it easier to convert the application to run on Intel-based hardware, said Doug Fisher, vice president of Intel’s Software and Services group and general manager of its Systems Software division, in an interview on Tuesday

In the future it could also provide a simple way to port applications to Meego, a Linux-based mobile OS developed by Intel and Nokia that was launched earlier this year.

“We’ll get [applications on] AppUp, then Meego and I imagine Windows,” Fisher said. “It’s basically taking the existing applications, finding the ones that are most relevant to end users, and ensuring they get pulled over.” Adding “By the first half of next year you should start seeing handset devices in the market with Meego.”

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