iPhone to get refit for CDMA

iPhone 4 now on nearly every network near you

According to the Wall Street Journal Apple are working on a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) version of the iPhone for US network Verizon.

Earlier in the week we had predictions from many Apple watchers and analysts on Apple’s Q4 results and as part of that we said that one of the watchers was, predicting that Apple would stop the exclusivity deal with AT&T and start to sell the iPhone on multiple networks as they do in the UK. Well it looks like that prediction is coming true, and it looks like Apple are changing the spec of the phone to take account of Verizon’s CDMA-based networks.

If the WSJ report is true we should see a 4G Verizon-ready iPhone by the end of 2010, with the carrier offering the device in early 2011. In a comment made at a press conference on Wednesday, Verizon’s President Lowell McAdam declined to comment on whether his company would soon sell an iPhone. “At some point our business interests are going to align,” he said, referring to Apple. “I fully expect it, but I don’t have anything to say.”
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