More than 2 million Europeans bet via mobile

More than 2 million sports book customers in Europe now using the mobile to place their bets.

A new report from analysts Juniper Research shows that mobile betting accounted for more than 70% of total global mobile gambling wagers in 2009, with the vast majority coming from the well-established iPAT service in Japan. Additionally consumer smartphone adoption has been a major driver in a resurgent European mobile gambling sector, with user numbers expected to rise by more than 60% in 2010.

Juniper also estimate that the total worldwide Mobile gambling market will increase to $48 billion by 2015

Much of the increase in mobile gambling is due – according to the report – to reported dramatic increases in mobile bets placed following the launch of browser-based apps optimised for the iPhone and Android operating systems. Apple made a decision in early 2010 to allow selected native apps – such as those from BetFair and Paddy Power – to be offered on the App Store and this has provided service providers with a new, highly visible and potentially lucrative delivery channel.

According to report author Dr Windsor Holden, “The last twelve months or so have provided optimal growth conditions for mobile gambling services. With the growth in consumer smartphone adoption, mobile users are becoming far more comfortable with m-commerce in general, and gambling companies are benefiting from this greater affinity.”

The US is likely to become a key market in the medium term with the launch of mobile lottery services from 2011 onwards

A very short whitepaper based on the full report exploring the mobile gambling marketplace, ‘Good Odds for Mobile Gambling‘ is available to download from the new Juniper Research website.

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