Concept of the week – Twitter Concierge

@PremierInn where’s the best place to plug in my iPad?

Cheap and cheerful hotel chain Premier Inn has announced it will be introducing a Twitter-based ‘virtual’ concierge service for its guests. From today and for every Friday in October, Premier Inn guests will be able to Twitter requests via their mobile to a virtual Twitter concierge.

To access Premier Inn’s weekend Twitter concierge service, guests must tweet @PremierInn concierge and ask for recommendations on anything from local activities for the kids, karaoke bars in the area, directions to the local theatre or even where to find an emergency dentist.

The weekend Twitter concierge service will initially run as a trial for one month on Friday (between 9am and 9pm) in October with a view to extending it if it is proved of value to guests.

It’s an interesting concept, we’re not sure how they’re going to prove you’re staying at a Premier Inn or quite how they’re going to know which Inn you’re in.  But we admire their pluck.

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