Lufthansa iPhone app wins Smaato mobile ads award

The Lufthansa app thats not an app!

Mobile ad optimiser and mobile advertising company, Smaato has announced the winners of it’s Smaato Mobile Advertising Award 2010.

The overall winner of the awards is Clanmo for their Lufthansa iPhone App. Although the Clanmo app won in the branded app category it’s not actually an app at all. The app is actually HTML cunningly disguised as an app. On an iPhone it looks like an iPhone app, on an Android phone it looks like an Android app. As the judges say “It’s the fine marriage of the airline’s desire to serve all its customers whatever type of handset they use through an excellent Web por- tal/app, while meeting the need of those iPhone users that aren’t happy unless they can actually download an app to their handset.” It’s also an indication of how the market is moving especially as more and more browsers support HTML5.

Other category winners included

– Apple iPhone/iPad category winner: Soundhound
– Google Android category winner: Spotify
– Symbian category winner: SPB Mobile Shell
– Symbian Special Prize: Cnectd
– Branded apps/games category winner: Lufthansa iPhone App by Clanmo
– Mobile campaign category winner: Vampire Weekend by Medialets
– Other category winner: Clikbrix

“The Smaato Award 2010 has again raised the bar in attracting premium mobile web sites and mobile apps. The list of finalists includes a fantastic variety of established players as well as innovative startups from around the world. We are excited to see our developer community receive the recognition and media attention they so rightly deserve. We would like to thank our esteemed jury members and media partners for selecting the winners from a highly competitive group of 256 nominees. We are proud that the Smaato Award has gained traction over the past three years in attracting best of breed apps and mobile sites as a reflection of the evolving mobile advertising market into an established media” stated Ragnar Kruse, CEO & Co-Founder of Smaato.

Each of the category winners can be seen in detail online at: (

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