Where to get the cheapest iPad in the UK

Subsidised iPads are here, and we have to admit we got it wrong, we predicted that they wouldn’t be on sale until after Christmas, yet here we are a week or so later eating humble pie, yes, they’re on sale before Christmas, how mad is that?

However to help you choose the best deal we’ve been looking over the tariffs and sizing things up.

It’s Three for me

After considering the Orange, T-Mobile and Three subsidised pricing for Apple iPads, and having a good working experience of the Three data network, as well as the Orange network, we’d have to say that the Three deal is far and away the best deal you’re going to get on an iPad.

All of the networks have the same upfront prices – Apple has made sure of that – and so the only key differences are the amount of data you can download, at £25 for 15Gb a month the Three deal is impossible to beat for both a heavy and a light internet user.

If Orange really had offered an “unlimited” wifi download then they may have gained a few more users, especially if you are liable to be working near a BT Openzone wifi hotspot regularly. However, by imposing a weird tiered data structure, and introducing the concept of “quiet time”, then limiting their “unlimited” wifi data usage to a puny 3Gb per month they’ve succeed in annoying and confusing users at the same time.

Move to Japan

However if you want the best best price for an iPad then you should contemplate a move to Japan, where Softbank are preparing to launch a deal that offers users a 16GB iPad for free, yes we said free. Called “iPad for Everybody,” the Softbank promotion gives away a 16GB iPad if the user signs up to a 25-month contract for ¥4725 ($56; £36) per month.

See the full Three pricing here Subsidised iPads appear on Three

See the Orange and T-Mobile pricing here Cheap iPads on Orange and T-Mobile

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