40% of consumers reach for a mobile when they see an advert

Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) mobile department found 40% of consumers agree they often reach for their device when they see an interesting advert.

The research also highlighted that mobile media users are actively choosing their mobile as the best way to get content, with 27% of respondents in a week period using mobile because it is their first choice of media.

The research demonstrates that there is an average of 18 mobile usage occasions per day with mobile internet being the dominant method of access, giving brands numerous opportunities to reach out to their consumers throughout the day.

Mobile is totally engrained into consumers lives, over two thirds (66%) of those asked saying they ‘can’t live without their mobile’ and over half (58%) believe their mobile device makes their lives ‘more organised’. However the research highlighted that the majority of consumers (69%) are now accessing online content via their mobile browser – as opposed to links, shortcodes or apps – and so the need for brands to ensure their site is fully mobile optimized is higher than ever with some respondents saying that ‘a bad mobile internet experience negatively reflects directly on the brand’.

The research also displayed that the majority (70%) of consumers multi –task mobile with other media, with joint mobile media and TV usage leading this trend. This is particularly prevalent in the evening, where we saw 53% people using mobile media from 9pm-12am were also watching TV at the same time.

Consumers’ interaction also changes as the day progresses with news, finance, weather and travel being top of the agenda in the period between 6am and 9am. Between 3pm and 6pm, users are looking for information via their mobiles such as entertainment, shopping and maps. The finish of the working day at 6pm prompts the search for entertainment, so mobile usage peaks for entertainment, music, sports and games.

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