UK iPad launch surpasses US launch

Web watchers, Quantcast, have published early figures for iPad use in the UK, and they show that the UK is
taking to the iPad like a duck to water, people to tablets etc.

Look at that graph go!

As we can see, the response so far looks very strong. According to Quantcast if you compare the US response to the iPad compared to the UK  the iPad captured 40% more share in the two days after release in the UK than it did in the same period in the US.

However Quantcast points out that we’re not strictly comparing like with like here. The US figures were from a standing start where as the UK figures already included a healthy dose of grey import devices, that we were already using quite heavily. As the figures from an earlier Quantcast report show.

We're so keen we even use the iPad at weekends

Interestingly the US use seems to cut off hugely at the weekends. Either the majority of iPads were owned by publishing corporations hoping to get a few dollars more revenue and who locked away their precious units over the weekend, or the iPad just isn’t that portable. It will be interesting to see how this usage pans out over the year.

World cup fans will be hoping that we’ll get the same result on Saturday.

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