Microsoft looking for Windows Mobile 7 developers

Microsoft are offering free Windows Mobile 7 phones to developers

Microsoft are actively looking for developers for Windows Phone 7 and they’re offering a “limited” number of handsets to prospective developers.

Last week Microsoft announced that they would be giving away handsets to Windows Mobile 7 developers, and now they’re putting those claims into practice. Mike Ormond a developer evangelist at Microsoft, with responsibility for Windows Phone 7, posted on the London Mobile Monday noticeboard asking for developers interested in building Windows Phone 7 and detailing how developers could go about claiming their handsets.

According to Ormond
“Devices are in very limited supply at the moment but if you take a look at my blog post here it explains how you can make a formal request.”

If you’re unlucky and don’t qualify for a handset, Ormond also said that Microsoft will be running some “drop-in” clinics in various locations across the UK, where developers will be able to bring along an XAP version of their app and try it out on a real device.

Contact details for Mike are Twitter (@MikeOrmond) or email (Mike.Ormond AT Microsoft DOT com). Additionally there’s a Twitter list with all the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 “champs” ie developers and developer-friendly Microsofties – at

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