Android to be the platform of choice for developers in 2011

Millennial Media’s November 2010 Mobile Mix report reveals that nearly a third of mobile developers are looking to develop for Android in 2011

The Millennial Media Mobile Mix report shows the choice of platform for developers in 2011 is Android with 29% of the developers polled, followed by the iPad (20%) and Windows Phone 7 (also at 20%) (see Chart B below).

Android also swept the board in lots of other categories in Millenial Medias November survey. Android represented 54% of the apps using Millenial Media to serve adverts, averaging 10% growth month-over-month for the past four consecutive months, next up was Apple iOS with 39% of the app platform mix.

Apple, were the leading device manufacturer on the Millennial Media network in November, a position they have held for the last fourteen months, they also represented 25% of the Top 15 Manufacturers
impression share in November.

Once again Samsung held the number two position in the Top 15 Manufacturers in November, and Millennial Media attribute Samsung’s success to the high number of devices in the Top 30 (seven of the top 20 are Samsung including the new Samsung Acclaim). Motorola also held on to their number three position in the Top 15
Manufacturers for the second consecutive month and held a 15% impression share, thanks to their Droid 2 and the Droid X Android devices.

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